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Our order from Hacker has arrived, all Hacker planes are in stock along with some new ones. I'll be updating the site this week to include all of the new planes

If you have any questions, find any problems with the site, or anything else, send me an email and I'll get right back to you.

Best Selling Items

Hacker Superlight Floats for 1000mm full fuselage planes

Hacker Superlight Floats for 1000mm full fuselage planes


The Hacker Superlight Floats are the best designed, lightest and easiest floats to use on your parkflyer. The floats are 21.6" (550mm) long, weigh 3.5ozs (99g) and are for airplanes that weigh 17.5-42ozs (500-1200g). The wire legs are different than the HC1809 floats to better fit the full fuselage planes. These are for the 1000mm planes, for the 1200mm planes (and the Ultimate) check out the HC1812 floats.
The set includes everything needed to mount them to your airplane.

Choose the appropriate floats for your airplane.

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Hacker Piper CUB J3-C 120cm

Hacker Piper CUB J3-C 120cm


The Hacker J-3C Cub ARF is the ideal plane for the beginner. Its low wing loading makes it slow and easy to fly. Snap-in landing gear allow for smooth takeoffs and landings but it can also be easily hand launched. The Cub features 4 channel control, making it an ideal first aileron airplane. The plane is CNC cut from "almost unbreakable" EPP foam and can be assembled in an evening. There are no decals apply, it is painted with a special CAD process for scale details never before possible in EPP models. The all-EPP Foam construction makes it tough to damage. Even if you crash the airplane and the EPP breaks, it breaks cleanly, which allows you to repair it with CA glue in few minutes. Like all of the Hacker planes, this one has a real airfoiled wing. No flat plate foamies here!

Check out the review on RC Groups.

These items are included: Pre-decorated Fuselage, Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer, Landing Gear, Wheels, Pushrods, Complete Hardware and Instruction Guide.

Items Needed To Complete (Not Included):
Radio system with 4 Micro Servos
80 watt brushless motor
12A speed controller
3S LiPo, 750-1000 mAh
Regular thin CA and accelerator

Wingspan: 47.25" (1200 mm)
Wing area: 389 sq/in
Length: 33" (840 mm)
Weight: from 16.5 oz (470 g)
Wing Loading: from 6.1 oz/sq ft
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SuperZoom Mini ARF Blue

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